John Byron Shank Photo by Caroline Beard/Location courtesy of Loring Pasta Bar - Dinky Town

Welcome to my website. I want you to know about my music, books, and seminars. My first album is called Yeshua, the Hebrew Name for Jesus. The second is Lord of Love, which was recorded with a band of friends known at the time as AcousticNerve. The third album is Pathos & Ethos. I hope you will be inspired by all of them. More about these under MUSIC in the tab above.

Under the BOOKS tab above, you can find out more about Deep Discipling My flesh Is Mine, But It Is Not Me. I also wrote The Root Of Shame The Deal we make with Evil. My writings provide the material I use in teaching and counseling at Metro Hope, a faith based in-house addiction recovery center in Minneapolis MN.

True & False Intimacy is a four hour seminar devoted to identifying and avoiding manipulative ploys, potential predators, and heart-breaking mismatches. It also explores the false assumptions and conceits in ourselves which can set us up for these kinds of relationships.

There are two videos for you to see as well. The Lord of Love title track was shot by Steve Gamble in Irvine Park, St Paul MN, in a small band pavilion near the water fountain. The second video was shot at the home of my wife’s cousin Anders Palm, in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a loose jam with his son Staffan Palm, who is playing an African instrument called a sansula. I am playing my beloved travel guitar, a Yamaha Silent Steel.

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