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Deep Discipline Deep Discipline

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Deep Discipling is a manual. It is designed to be used to build a foundation of deeper faith in the follower of Christ and can be used in either a classroom or a private devotional setting. It is largely self-contained with relevant Scriptures included in the text for the convenience of the reader. The teaching is divided into three major categories of focus:

The first is The Passionate Embrace of My Identity in Christ. Who am I and who am I not, according to the Bible? How does the Spirit of Christ change me? How does the Holy Spirit interact with my human spirit? What are the functional differences between my spirit and my soul? What does the Bible mean when it talks about my flesh? How does evil undermine faith? What is the role of my heart, will, and conscience, in the ignition of faith? How does the power of Christ in me overcome evil?

The second is The Passionate breaking of My Fallow Ground. What is the role of suffering and rewards? How does my loaded history impact my functional faith in Christ? How does one deal with the demonic? What is the root of bitterness? What is the root of fear? What is the root of shame? What is the root of lawlessness? What are toxic male and female relationship conceits and agendas? What is true intimacy and what is false intimacy? What is the relationship of narcissism to relationship addictions? What is true love?

The third is The Passionate Worship of True Spirituality. What are counterfeits of true spirituality, and what is true worship? How can I know the Voice of God? What are the purposes of the various kinds of prayer? What are the gifts of the Spirit and how do they operate? What are the offices and callings of the Spirit, in the church? Why does judgment begin with the household of faith? What are the criteria for leaving or remaining committed to a local church or denomination? How does reckoning myself by the Word and the filling of the Spirit, energize real faith?

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