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The Root Of Shame

What must I do to take away my shame? Or, what must I do if I feel no shame? Before shame can be removed, it must be acknowledged. Shame is an emotional response to being out of sync with the integrity of my conscience. At its root, shame is about the deal I make with evil to get or do what my conscience says I must not have or do. Some say the answer to the problem of shame is to have no rules or laws for which I am to be accountable. But the lawless only change when their consequences affect themselves. The lawless have no empathy with their victims.

Therefore, shame is a good thing if it motivates me to deal with what I have done or what has been done to me. But if I do not let my shame motivate me to take action, it becomes toxic through a guilty conscience and undermines who I believe I am and what I am able to do with my life. It also distorts what I believe to be true about God and how I am able to respond to Him.

The Root Of Shame is an in-depth manual with an inventory to help overcome the toxic shame which lies at the roots of addiction and other besetting sin. This book helps reveal the hidden systems of lies, agendas, and self-serving misbeliefs embedded in habitual behaviors. When sin systems are revealed and rightly understood, and biblical truth is applied, real sobriety and healing can begin to happen.

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