Pathos & Ethos - Band Memebers

John Byron Shank

John Byron Shank I love composing and recording with wonderful friends. I sing and play guitars on this album. I wanted Pathos & Ethos to address the destructive effects of addiction, adultery, abandonment, rage, and cowardly passivity. I also wanted to encourage faith and wisdom in the context of these situations.

Anna Stagg
Anna Stagg

Anna Stagg I love Anna’s singing! She is also an excellent songwriter. I hope she will soon make an album of her own. I am so grateful for Anna’s work on Pathos & Ethos. She has also made a number of wonderful contribuations to an upcoming album called River Of Delights. Anna is married to pastor George Stagg of Twin Cities Church, and they have four children.

Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson Nathan and I have enjoyed along friends hip and played together many times. He is also featured on my Yeshua album, as well as Lord of Love, an album we did as part of a band we had called Acoustic Nerves.

Nathan plays violin and mandolin, and is now doing jazz and classical music, with the EIS Trio. Dr. Charles Kemper plays piano, and David Methner plays clarinet. A recent EIS concert was called the Jazz Effect. It featured composers as diverse as Debussy, Ravel, Shostakovich, Poulenc, Milhaud, Brubeck, and Gershwin, to name a few.
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Nathaniel Kling

Nathaniel Kling Nathaniel plays upright bass, guitar and cello. He is a wonderfully talented man who is easy going and patient. At this writing, he plays with songwriters Luke Spehar and David Belt.
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Aaron DeGrado

Aaron DeGrado My friend Aaron studied audio engineering and recording at IPR Creative Arts College. His editing and mixing skills are excellent! I love the clarity he got out of each track, and distinct EQ for the voices and instruments. His production on percussion also really made a big difference. I highly recommend him.