YESHUA - Musicians

John Byron Shank Over the course of my musical life, most of my performance has been solo work, though various combinations of musicians have afforded the satisfaction of harmonies and instrumental interplay, as opportunity presented itself.   More of a songer than a singer, my greatest satisfaction is in composing.   Iíve written over 200 songs, but as I write stronger pieces, the weaker ones are discarded.

Larry Larson is a superb musician and a faithful friend.  His musical collaborations on bass and electric guitars have really given these songs the drive they needed.   He also did the great majority of the recording and all the mixing.  He has helped other musicians create over 50 albums in his studio, and local radio stations have broadcast a number of them.  Back in the 70ís, he and bandmates Jim Meyer and Dwight Daly played in one of the first Sonshine outdoor festivals, in a group known as Song of Faith.   Iím honored that he wants to continue working together with me.

His sons, Luke (not shown) and Grant Larson also made wonderful contributions to this album.   Luke helped with engineering and Grant did all the drums.   Both of the sons want to continue in their fatherís footsteps in making music that honors God.

Nathan Wilson is a music major at the U of M in Minneapolis.   A classically trained violinist, he also loves to play the Mandolin.   After a recent recital, in which he was the principle performer, I was stricken with acute bouts of envy and self-loathing, when comparing my ability to his.   We both enjoy coming up with interlaced instrumental duets and will be performing together as often as possible.

Jenna Colaizy is a vocal performance major at the U of M, Duluth.   She has a wonderfully agile voice that easily adapts to the mood and flavor of the music, while preserving a style that is distinctly her own.   Right now, she sings with a friend who accompanies her on guitar in area coffee houses.   Youíll be hearing more of her in both performance and recordings, in the days to come.   I hope to work with her on future projects.

Kathy Dudero was recently married, and has an album of her own under her maiden name Kathy Burkholder.   The CD is called Love This Day.   When I asked her to sing on You Know Me, she listened to the arrangement, then came up with that amazing counter melody to mine.   She and I used to share sets together a few years ago.  Iím so glad she agreed to sing on this project.